Sunday, 5 October 2014

Monk Migration

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Now we’re well and truly into autumn and the temperature seems to be dropping by the day. It’s no surprise with its rich history that Bumthang is home to so many monasteries but it’s just too cold in winter for the monks to stick it out. So, rather than pay a fortune in heating bills, the monks simply up-sticks and head to warmer climes at lower elevations.

Check out the fluffy clouds
One of the benefits of working at a school on the main east-west highway is that lots of people stop by on their way through. Whenever an important Lhama or Rinpoche passes by, the school is usually tipped off and the students line up respectfully in order to get a blessing.

I took these shots a few days ago and you really get a sense of the religious devotion shown by nearly all Bhutanese.

Incidentally, this time of year is said to be one of the best to visit Bhutan because the monsoon rains are ending and when the sun comes out the views are spectacular.

It is customary to cover your mouth and bow to holy people and statues

Mind you, calling it a ‘highway’ might be a bit of a stretch. I also took this horsey pic a few days ago right outside my school.

Greetings from Chumey, Bumthang

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