Friday, 14 February 2014

Amelie's Post 24/01/14

 Now I’m used to the weather and it’s not so cold anymore but in Bumthang it will be really cold.

This is us with the staff at the hotel where we stayed for 2 weeks in Thimphu.
In the morning Dad had to go to another meeting for teaching so I read the newbie on my kindle. The newbie was about a boy who lived in Brazil and moved to America. At first everyone was being mean to him and he thought he wouldn’t make any friends but in the end he did make some friends.

Saturday morning out with Ash, Ian & Vicki in downtown Thimphu.

We looked out the window of our hotel in Thimphu and saw a man waving a skipping rope around to get the dogs away from him while he was walking his dog but it made them chase him even more. 

Dogs are everywhere in Thimphu. They seem to sleep in the day and can be heard howling into the night.

What really sets the street dogs off is a dog being walked on a lead.

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