Friday, 16 May 2014

Amelie's Post 22/04/2014

On Sunday a few monks came to bless the school, they were praying all day long! I got to wear my kira for the whole day. I had lots of fun. At the start of the day they served chilli and rice for breakfast, then you could just do whatever you wanted.

This is Sonam Choki Dorji, Lois, Kuenzang and I.
My friends and I went over to the clover patch, we started making necklaces, bracelets, rings and chunkeys. You probably don't know what a chunkey is, well its lots of clover tied together with string. You kick it over and over again to try and beat your old record. After that everyone went to pray, soon after it was lunch. They served rice and a vegetable dish with chillis. Then we could just do anything, so my friends and I played Icy Poly. It's similar to tiggy/tag.

This is us making chunkeys out of clover.

We also made daisy chains.

After a while we played hide and go seek, I won two rounds. After five rounds we played a game. There were three people on each team, one team has one monster in it, the monster has to try and get other people. When the monster gets a person, that person becomes the monster too. After about half an hour I started playing with the chunkey I made. Soon after that everyone had to go into the big hall again. This time we had to throw seed at the Buddha statue on the table. They decorated the Buddha and the table!

All the girls in our kiras.

Mum & Dad with some students.

Mum with some of the girls in her reading club.

After that we got to play, I played fire on the mountain, run down the mountain. After two hours everybody had dinner at the school, then we went home after a BIG day.

My friends and I with a Grandma.

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