Friday, 16 May 2014

Lois's Post 22/04/14

On the weekend there was a festival at school. There were monks and a Lama. Lots of my friends were there, the only one I didn't see was Pema Choki. We played lots of different games together like, Simon Says, but we changed it to do what their name was, eg. Sonam Says. 

We are playing a game.

We played other games but I don't know what they are called. We went in to pray in the hall, that is where the monks and the Lama were. We gave some money to them. Our friend Thinley gave us some money and our Mum and Dad gave her some money back. At the end we were throwing bird food at each other. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner at the school.

The girls in their kiras.

Amelie, Sonam Choki Dorji and I.
3 sets of sisters!

Dechen, Yeshi and I making daisy chains.

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