Where's Wally

The Where's Wally game began back home in Northern NSW when Paul and the kids used to liven up a boring trip to the shops by trying to spot people wearing red and white striped tops, as worn by Wally (Waldo). If it was a good one (right shade of red, equal width of stripes) you got 5 points. We also awarded one point if you saw someone you knew. We decided to revive the game during our week in Bangkok when we noticed lots of people wearing 'Wally' shirts.
If you spot a Wally (or Waldo) please email us the photo with the date and location. Most photos were taken 'sneakily' so the quality isn't always fantastic.

Wally and her bike, Bangkok Jan. 2014
Wally Junior, Bangkok Jan. 2014 (uneven stripes, not a 5/5)

Perfect Wally dress, Bangkok Jan. 2014
Wally in disguise, Bangkok Jan. 2014
Wally cooking lunch, Bangkok Jan. 2014

Wally eating lunch, Bangkok Jan. 2014

Wally Paul, Bangkok Jan. 2014
Wally Thomas, Bangkok Jan. 2014
Wally Justine, Bangkok Jan. 2014

Wally Amelie, Bangkok Jan. 2014
Wally Lois, Bangkok Jan. 2014

I can't show my face Wally, Ayutthaya Jan. 2014

Baby Wally, Ayutthaya Jan. 2014

Walking Wally, Ayutthaya Jan. 2014

Double Wally, Bangkok Jan. 2014 (Bonus points)

Wally going up, Bangkok Jan. 2014 (almost missed a train to get this shot!)

Mummy Wally, Bangkok Jan. 2014

Wally out and about, Bangkok Jan. 2014

Potential Wally, Bangkok Jan. 2014

Tourist Wally, Bangkok Jan. 2014

Wally goes for pizza, Bangkok Jan. 2014

Commuter Wally, Bangkok Jan. 2014

Just when we are leaving Bangkok Airport waiting at Immigration, thinking we wouldn't see Wally again for quite a while...low and behold, there's Wally looking through the window! This was a bit freaky, was Wally out for revenge???

First Wally in Bhutan, Thimphu Jan. 2014
Sweet Tooth Wally, Thimphu Jan. 2014

Pregnant Wally, Thimphu Jan. 2014 (Thanks Lucy!)
Wally in the park, Thimphu Jan. 2014
Thanks to Jacqui for a Wally Mum spotted at Cudgen School drop off.
Wally Boy found in Samtengang, Bhutan.

Shopkeeper Wally, Samtengang, Bhutan.

Stars & Stripes Wally, Thimphu, Bhutan.
You may think this is a great picture of Paul, but it's all a ploy. 
Check out Diagonal Wally in the background. Thimphu, Bhutan.

Thanks to Paul N., Wally Hat, Mongar, Bhutan.

Thanks to Rachel, Classic meets Monochrome Wally, NYC, USA.
Thanks to Denise (a huge Dreamworld fan), Wally Family, Gold Coast, Australia

Wally Justine!
Baby Wally, the result of pregnant Wally above!

Football Wallys, compliments of Che in England

Another baby Wally, Thimphu, Bhutan
Trucker Wally, Barjo, Bhutan

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