Wednesday, 10 September 2014

More Tragic News

We've had some more tragic news in Chumey. Last night two of the students committed suicide. They were the boy school captain and his girlfriend from grade 10. He was 19 and she was 18.
They were both boarders at the school. They snuck out of their hostels at 3am last night. After they snuck out, the matron, warden and principal were alerted and they had a search party but they weren't found until first light when it was too late.

It's just so so sad, two beautiful young people with their lives ahead of them and they would have been free to be together in a few months time.

We were gathered at the school prayer wheel this afternoon and two beautiful rainbows appeared. One of them just kept getting brighter and brighter. The Bhutanese believe seeing a rainbow is auspicious, and having two was a symbol of the young couple. As all the students were coming out of the hall from prayer, it was a small comfort for them to be able to see the rainbows.

Thursday 11 September is Are You OK Day. If you are concerned about anyone you know, please don't ignore the signs. Ask them how they are and let them know you care.


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  1. I saw the connection with Are you OK Day too What hurts is that the response will not produce a solution. I wish there was one because this young community needs hope. The rainbows are something to be positive about and that is great but my fear is the issues are not being addressed Draconian rules do not help blessings to them and you