Monday, 22 September 2014

The long and the short of it

Just a quick one. Long hair is extremely frowned upon at our school; frankly it isn’t tolerated in the least. The Principal regularly talks at assembly on the evils of trendy haircuts and mocks the current trend to try and emulate the Korean singers and actors that are extremely popular with young Bhutanese.

Any student deemed to be getting a little on the long side is quickly sent to the designated teacher or a trusted student to be shorn back into uniformity. I took this photograph on the deck outside my classroom. Although it’s not greatly lit, I just love the expressions on everyone’s faces – it really was a funny five minutes and I think this picture captures those fleeting moments.

The following day the students were getting their own back. Justine walked closer, thinking they must have been picking out head lice. Only to discover, they were plucking the grey hairs out of their teacher's hair! 

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