Friday, 27 June 2014

The Sunday Times

We had our first Skype call with the cousins a few Saturday afternoons ago. The opening line from cousin Ruben was, “Vinnie farted”. We were happy to see cousin Vinnie’s toothless grin and even happier that Skype hasn’t invented smell technology yet. It was an interesting Skype call with four of us on this end (Paul was off welcoming the new school statues), and four plus a dog’s rear-end on the other end. In between the cousins virtually high fiving each other, my brother Marcus asked me how we would be spending our Sunday. Hence the inspiration for this blog post via photos of our Sunday.......

A spot of reading

A play with the dollies

Thomas's growing fascination with geography, he checks out google maps and streetview
Lois dressing up and designing her own traditional dress
More dressing up which led to the 'Underpants Dance'
Lois helping Paul in the kitchen peeling garlic, the once-a-week-meat-dish has an early blast in the pressure cooker so it is tender enough to eat
A visit from some of the girls who had been busy making this clover wreath
A walk up the hill behind our place to the monastery with some wild strawberry picking along the way

....and finally, Thomas's great invention

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