Monday, 17 February 2014

Amelie's Post 7/02/14

On the bus we went past our house but the bus driver, Dorji called Karma and Karma told him where to go. We got to our new house but we wanted to stay the night with everybody else so we stayed at the River Lodge in Chamkar. In the morning we said goodbye to all the other teachers and stayed in Chamkar. We bought the bukhari, it’s like a fireplace but it doesn’t go in the wall. It’s got four legs, a door and a little thing like a drawer where the ashes go. The bukhari has little holes in it where the ashes fall into the drawer.
Finally we got to our house in Chumey, which is about 45 mins away from Chamkar.

Lois at our first overnight stop at Kichu Resort in Wangduephodrang
Amelie & Lois by the river in Wangduephodrang

Thomas just before going for a chilly dip.

On the rocks ;-)

We all enjoyed a bonfire by the river.

Walking around the chorten 3 times, even cars drive around the chortens on the road.
Paul & Thomas with our wonderful driver Dorji. Amazing to see how he can manoeuvre a bus on such narrow roads, just don't look down!

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