Friday, 14 February 2014

Thomas's Post 18/01/14

Today we saw the biggest Buddha in the world. I think it was around 60 metres long. For some reason he had symbols on his feet. 
There were lots of Buddhas everywhere.

This is Dad with the Big Buddha.

Look how long the Big Buddha is.
Amelie and Lois with a tuk-tuk.

Walking, walking, walking.....

Spot the dog!

After that we saw Jim Thomson’s house. Jim Thomson was a man who went missing in the forest a couple of days after his birthday in 1956.
In his house there were a lot of old statues and paintings. Some of them were thousands of years old. It is quite amazing how we have things that are so old!

This is us at Jim Thomson's house.

Mmmm, what's for dinner tonight?

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