Friday, 14 February 2014

Thomas's Post 17/01/14

After our first few days relaxing at the hotel and going around the local area, we did something exciting. We went to the Golden Buddha. It was 3 metres high and made of solid gold! 

This is me at the entrance to the Golden Buddha

After that we went on a boat for a ride around the river. We saw loads of temples and we even saw some boys jump off a pole into the water. I liked the fish, they were cool!

This was our crazy but funny boat driver.

Here's Dad and Amelie in the boat.

Here's Mum, Lois and I in the boat.

We thought of Sam, Joe & Louie's Dad, Phil when we saw lots of crooked houses. He likes straight lines.
When we got off the boat we had a coconut, the coconut was chopped with a machete. Then we had some pineapple and other fruit, before we had dinner.

This is us at the food market after we got off the boat.
Lots of colourful delicacies.
Khaosan Road, Bangkok.

Street Dining.

Pink eggs, anyone?

Dinner time, what's on the menu?

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