Friday, 14 February 2014

Thomas's Post 14/01/14

We woke up early in the morning at Gma and Gpa’s house to get ready to go on the airplane . Gma and Gpa drove us to the airport and we said goodbye. We went on Air Asia to Malaysia and waited 3 hours then went on another plane to Thailand. 

We amused ourselves waiting at the airport.

Mum was hooked on her book, Shantaram.

Dad was enjoying his book too.

The girls played Mummys and babys.

I was enjoying my Andy Griffiths book, The 36 Storey Treehouse.

This is Lois being a good Mum.

Amelie is a pretty good Mum too!

When we arrived at the hotel it was 8 o’clock. In Australia it would have been 1 o’clock in the morning the next day. Then we went to our room, it was on the 15th floor so we had a good view of the city.

This is like the Harry Potter car that was parked near our hotel. It's a Ford Anglia.

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